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The Web is so crowded with Java and Linux resources that any list is destined to be woefully incomplete. This is my own "favorite hits" page - a list of resources I rely on for help during development work.

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Java Bug Parade

Behind its explosive growth, Java is still a young technology. One of the best inside views of the state of the art is the Java Bug Parade, which is part of Sun's Developer Connection site. After you have become a member (, you can access the Bug Parade at When you encounter a bug in the Blackdown Linux port, this is the first place to look for known problems.

The main Bug Parade page is a query form: specify a category and some keywords to search for bugs. The information on a particular bug report includes details about the bugs and an opportunity for user input. You can add information, read input from other users, and even vote on bugs. Sun uses the information to create prioritized lists of defects and enhancement requests.

Sun's record of responsiveness to the Bug Parade is mixed; some high-priority defects have been known to hang around for a long time. But it's also a remarkable phenomenon. Few commercial products dare put their defect reports on public display for public discussion. It's an example worth noting.

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